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    We always ask clients to think of their website like a storefront: it’s possibly the first thing people see that tells them who you are as a brand and why they should be interested. Creating a great first impression with a design that represents your company is your first step towards a successful customer journey…

    So Level Up Agency develops a beautiful website for your business? Check! But now what?

    It also takes more than a beautiful design to turn your website into a fully functioning business machine. You’ll need a strategy to engage, convert, and keep clients coming back for more…which is why our services go beyond just your homepage.

    We also offer a range of digital services to help share your business with the world, from eCommerce solutions to Search Engine Optimization and ad campaigns.
    Because what’s a great website if no one is on the other end to interact with it?

    No website is seasonal! They need to be timeless, represent your brand for years to come, and serve a purpose for your business (like conversion and inquiry).

    At Level Up Web Agency, our designs start with you and end with the customer. We turn your vision into a customized website (built on Wordpress), which engages users whilst simultaneously meeting your business goals.

    There’s no greater feeling for in-demand business owners than tackling your daily tasks with the knowledge that your site is mobile responsive, easy to navigate, and completely secure (in other words, it’s ready to impress the guests!). Whether it’s a rebrand or custom-built site from scratch, we’ll ensure your new website is both beautiful and effective.

    If you’re an eCommerce business, you’ll know as well as we do that your online store is paramount to your success. It needs to be easy-to-use, collect payments seamlessly, and integrate with other platforms like MailChimp and SmartrMail to automate those abandoned cart emails.

    Every online store is built internally and can be managed easily by your team. It allows customers to buy your products without the stress (because we’ve all been there when our payments won’t go through on that ‘crucial’ miscellaneous item and we give up!).

    Our eCommerce solution is tailored to your business and is proven to take your site from pleasing to prosperous.

    The whole town seems to be talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but what is it and why do I need it?

    SEO helps improve the visibility of your site on search engines like Google. At Level Up, we use something called White Hat SEO, which means our tactics to boost your business are both ethical and organic: there’s no dishonest tricks that will get your website penalized or deliver results that will only last momentarily.

    It’s our job to research and identify the best keywords to implement onto your site that will get the most people clicking for long-term results…because Google's number 1 spot is one you’ll want to hold on to!

    When it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, our expertise lies in knowing where to allocate your budget and how to build an advertising campaign that gains the most relevant traffic to your website, social media accounts and landing pages. We also help build your brand’s reputation with copy that makes you memorable: say goodbye to those “buy one get one free” headlines and “click here” CTA’s.

    From logistics of who to target and how long each campaign should run for, we start with your budget and work backwards to get you the best results for your money. Whether it’s your first or 100th advertisement…we’ll make this one an ad to remember!

    LevelUp created my dream website. I could have not asked for a better team to work on the key element to make my online business a success. I shopped around because I wanted everything to be perfect and I am very glad I found LevelUp. They are professional, very creative and timely in getting things done.
    LevelUp was so helpful in making my site come to life! They are creative and very skilled in their work and they always reply promptly and professionally.
    LevelUp provided professional top quality results for our website. Not only did they implement our ideas, but they also provided very useful recommendations for improving the quality and functionality of our site. I would not hesitate to recommend LevelUp, they are efficient, professional, helpful, and talented.

    Want to see some examples?
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